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A construction project management service from design to completion.

Homestead Construction offers a complete construction project management service - from innovative design through to project management and completion across multiple sectors. We are able to expertly project manage to a specific timeline & budget with professional internal project management processes. We have building and construction experience across a wide range of light commercial construction sectors including multi-unit residential, aged care facilities and motels through the Wellington area to name just a few. Every structure is unique and is designed and built for the needs of our client.

For us, professional construction project management is not only about building, but also about adding value throughout all stages of the design and build. Our mastery of premium precast concrete construction across many sectors establishes us as a clear leader in our ever-changing industry. We have four decades of building construction and construction project management experience. For some companies, this may mean executing one project plan over and over. For us, it's 40 years of innovation and continual improvement - we focus on optimising both design optimisation and construction management processes to deliver.

Below are some of the construction project genres we manage expertly and confidently.

Apartment Buildings


Homestead specialises in building premium quality apartment complexes finished to a high residential standard. Our unique precast concrete method offers a myriad of benefits for apartment building - a faster build period, reduced maintenance, very strong and durable structures and energy efficiency are just a few. From inherent fire-resistance to noise absorption and very low maintenance, precast concrete is the way to go.


Multi-Unit Residential


High-density precast concrete panels are an excellent method for multi-unit residential structures. The precast panels we manufacture and use are perfect for shared walls. These strong, reinforced, noise-absorbing walls do not contain any harmful chemicals. In addition, they have fire-resistant qualities making them a natural firewall.

Affordable Housing


Our precast concrete walls make construction faster and more affordable— important advantages with building social housing. We work with councils and government agencies to fulfil the growing need for cost effective, warm and low maintenance homes for those in need.




Thinking of a townhouse development? Homestead Construction has a strong reputation in building concrete homes for over 40 years. With our own precast factory, we have the resource to build multiple dwellings promptly with less risk of delays. The townhouses we’ve built feature modern facades and living spaces fit for New Zealand’s families.


Aged Care Facilities


Retirement villages and aged care facilities require special features. We use architect companies who specialise in planning villages that is to a high Lifemark standard. Aged care facilities built by Homestead Construction create the perfect space for better quality of life. Using our innovative building process, we create appealing comfortable homes that have very low maintenance.


Education / Childcare Centres


Venues for education are important to New Zealand’s expanding communities. Building schools and training centres requires a need-based approach. Here at Homestead Construction, we work by first understanding your requirements. Building an education centre with us means investing in a facility that will function well and will last.

Healthcare Centres


Healthcare centres provide crucial services. A successfully-built healthcare hub depends on compliant and appropriate design for an efficient build. Here at Homestead Construction, each project is built to your specifications. For us, building healthcare centres is all about design that meets needs.




Homestead Construction has a strong reputation for excellence in motel builds. We successfully completed 2 motels for the nation wide BK Motor Lodge chain... Palmerston North in 2008 and Petone in 2012. As experts in precast fabrication, we can help make your build hassle-free. We will maximise your investment return by faster construction, reduced lifecycle costs and lower maintenance.



With over four decades in the industry, Homestead has built a successful and solid reputation. We have proved to our clients that our precast construction method is a better way to build. Homestead continues to grow and expand as developers, architects and engineers recognise the value and efficiencies of building in concrete.

We start at the very beginning — the project brief. With early contractor involvement between the client, architect and Homestead, benefits are maximised and construction delays can be controlled. By getting involved at the earliest stage of any project, we help our clients get the most out of their investments.


By building with Homestead Construction's precast concrete method, your project will have the advantage. One important benefit is the speed of construction. As the use of precast concrete speeds up building completion, the developer can reap returns earlier. In addition, maintenance costs throughout the lifetime of the building are greatly reduced.

Precast concrete is great for high-density dwelling complexes. With sound absorption, it is the best choice for apartments, motels and dwellings which have intertenancy walls. The concrete is also inherently fire-resistant, reducing the need for other fire protection methods required to meet the code.



Because we collaborate with each of our clients at a deeper level from day one, we’re able to integrate our services more effectively to innovate and create a smarter solution, then deliver the result more efficiently.

That’s why we have clients with an increasingly diverse range of requirements – we’re able to streamline and optimise every stage of every project to suit them, from design to construction, from construction to completion. The secret to our method is a superior product - concrete structure - a superior process and superior services. So, whether you have a construction project in mind, or you want help defining what you need, contact us and we’ll explain how we can reduce your costs, timeframes and stress levels.

Our experience and innovative approach to precast concrete construction can propel your development forward. When it comes to commercial construction, talk to us, and let us show you a better way to build.