• Building For Good


Our Building for Good philosophy influences everything we do, from how we do business through to project design and construction methods.

We cut no corners in ensuring that our impact on local communities and the environment is positive - from supporting local trades and industry throughout the region, to building papakainga housing for iwi and world class education facilities. We specialise in creating strong, warm, and healthy structures - including experience building Homestar 6 certified housing.

te aro o paetutu petone papakainga homestead construction
te aro pa wellington papakainga housing homestead construction
champion st homestar 6 social housing homestead construction

By providing access to apprenticeships for our own team, and using local contractors that also train apprentices, we are helping to upskill and grow our people and others in the industry.

We support various local charities that provide assistance to those in need around New Zealand through donations and volunteer work.

Our Health & Safety practises involve modern and innovative systems which make reporting easier and drive a culture of safe work practises.

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