• Multi-Residential


Multi-residential developments are becoming more and more popular around New Zealand as land becomes more expensive. Precast concrete construction systems are perfectly suited to this nature of development due to being an effective noise barrier and natural fire wall, among other benefits. This type of construction has now been effectively used in Europe and around the world for decades, providing strong, durable, and low maintenance homes for those living in urban areas.

Specialising in Design and Build projects, we work with our clients right from the initial concepts, to deliver better outcomes and more efficient building designs. Our 30+ years of experience working with precast concrete puts us in the best position for adding value to your design through incorporating the benefits and structural strength that this system provides.


When working at the larger scale that multi-residential developments demand, precast concrete construction systems are superior to traditional construction methods. The concrete panels are manufactured offsite and are very quick to install - whole blocks of units can be installed in a single day. The nature of the concrete panels also acts as an excellent intertenancy wall between units, both as an effective noise barrier and a natural fire wall.

From duplex townhouses through to large 80-unit developments, our experience is wide ranging, showing the value that precast construction brings to these projects. Social housing, papakainga housing, private developments, and short stay accommodation have all benefited from the concept of multi-unit dwellings, helping to increase efficiency of land use and making it more affordable for home purchasers.

Homestead has completed multi-residential developments in Levin, the Kapiti Coast, Porirua, Wellington, and the Hutt valley.

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